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Helping Superstorm Sandy Victims in Nassau & Suffok Counties

Urban League of Long Island

Superstorm Sandy damaged or destroyed 95,534 buildings in Nassau and Suffolk Counties and left behind 4.4 million cubic yards of debris, according to the latest federal statistics. In the aftermath, families continue to struggle to rebuild their homes while many are also challenged with rebuilding their lives.

The children in these families have a double impact by experiencing the fear of displacement and homelessness, while also being expected to continue to meet academic performance standards when schools eventually reopened.

Children of The Storm is a program that targets families with children impacted by Superstorm Sandy and provides support services such as tutoring and life skills activities for children while parents will be linked to support services via SandyNow.org.

Handling a Sandy-Related Insurance Claim

As a homeowner or business owner, handling an insurance claim for flood damage, wind damage and lost business caused by Superstorm Sandy can be difficult and confusing. Get helpful tips and insight from straight from attorneys that handle these claims by visiting our Insurance Tips page.

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